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twheephoto is the culmination of Tim Wheeler's life long love for photography and passion to create moments that last a lifetime.


About the Photographer

Tim Wheeler knew he was going to be a photographer when he was just 7 years old. Staring at an old Sports Illustrated poster above his bed, he realized he could be the one taking those pictures. Coming from an artistic family, he knew his creativity would be best expressed on film. He spent his high school years shooting memories for the school yearbook. He was even accepted to the Center for Creative Youth at Wesslyan University, a prestigious summer camp where only 500 kids from around the world were accepted.

In 1995, Tim was accepted to The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Here he majored in photojournalism and earned a degree in Science of Photography. Making the move to South Florida gave Tim the chance at fulfilling his dream of becoming a sports photographer. During his sophomore year, he received an internship with The Miami Herald, and soon after began his career as a sports photographer.

He began shooting for sporting events around the city, including; high school baseball and basketball and Little League Baseball. It was his work in the sports pages of The Miami Herald that earned him the chance to become a freelance photographer for major league sports. He began shooting the NFL, NBA, MLB and Major League Soccer regularly. It was because of his love of sports and passion for photography that he was able to be published in newspapers across the country.

In 2002, Tim returned to his hometown of Danbury, Ct. He received a position as a staff photographer for the Danbury News Times. Here he received recognition winning An Excellence in Journalism Award for his photograph of a child inspecting his new silver medal. It was here Tim was given the chance of a lifetime. Because of his proximity to New York City, he was able to cover some of the aftermath of the tragedy of 9/11. Using his connections in the art world, Tim was able to have a breakfast with the firefighters, police officers and ground zero workers at St Paul’s Cathedral. Because of this, Tim became the only professional photographer to shoot inside the Cathedral.

Returning to South Florida in 2004, Tim decided to pursue his other passions and started his career in the home remodeling industry. 

In 2010, Tim became a father and learned the joys and passion that comes with fatherhood. It was then he knew he had to return to his home behind the lens. He wanted to capture those unique and special moments in his children’s lives and knew that he could help others capture those moments as well. That is how twheephoto was born. 

twheephoto is here to help you capture those little moments that make life so special. The way your daughter plays “tea party” with all of her favorite dolls. That time your son pitched that perfect game. The way your spouse glows while pregnant. We want to be there. Capturing those moments that make life so unforgettable. 

What we specialize in

  • Family portraits
  • Candid play portraits
  • Children's sports action photography
  • Maternity Photography
  • Special Event Photography